Since opening its doors in August 2005, Brasserie Sixty6 restaurant has firmly placed itself into the Dublin dining community by bringing the highest quality of food, using the most modern techniques, to your table. Continuously sourcing the finest produce from carefully selected artisan producers and suppliers, our guarantee to you is that only the freshest ingredients are used is all our dishes! The difference is on the plate.

This blog is created so that we can bring you a little bit closer to Brasserie Sixty6. Find out what makes us tick, why we change our menus, why we use certain processes in our creations and also to keep you up to date with general news about the restaurant industry in Dublin.

Please feel free to keep in touch with us here, ask questions, make suggestions and of course…rave about us if you must! Make sure your linked up with our Award Winning Facebook Page also! 

Heres a video to give you an idea of we do here, taken by Ten20 Photography. http://www.facebook.com/ten20photography


About Brasserie Sixty6

Brasserie Sixty6 is a stylish and busy restaurant right in the heart of Dublin's shopping and entertainment district. Open 7 days and nights a week for lunch, brunch and dinner. Join us on Sundays for our live jazz sessions until 3pm and dont forget about half price cocktails on Tuesdays. We have set up a blog to inform you all about menu updates, recipes, events and industry news.
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