Summer Lobster Festival at Brasserie Sixty6 Restaurant Dublin

Every time we do a special at Brasserie Sixty6…it tends to go viral and sell like hot cakes. We have monitored our sales over the last while and it seems the most popular special is our lobster… so this summer, ALL summer, we have a fantastic summer lobster festival menu. for your consideration when dining out in Dublin. This menu takes lobster to a whole who level and we are offering it up 5 different ways. With 3 starters and 3 main courses to choose from, you will want to come back the next day to try the rest.

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Heres what Kevin does with one dish in the kitchen to make Lobster hassle free and easy to eat.

lobster collage 2
Lobster at Brasserie Sixty6 restaurant Dublin
Heres what we do and why…
Thai style salad
With our special, Kevin has done all the hard work for you…by removing the tail and claws which contain the most meat! We have taken all the effort out of eating lobster and made it simple and hassle free for you to enjoy!
With the claws, we skewer them and dip them into a light Tempura batter of rice, flour, cornstarch, sparkling water and sake to bring out the flavour. We then flash fry them until the batter is crispy and the claw is cooked through.
With the remainder of the tail we remove the inedible sections and skewer to retain shape and brush lightly with a Lemon and Tarragon oil. We then cut down through the tail to make it easier to access the tender, juicy meat. Pan roasted until cooked fully and is edible with little or no hassle.
The curry aioli that we serve as an accompanying dip is made with garlic, chilli, lime, coriander, curried onion and then blitzed to enhance flavour.
Thai style salad
The salad is made with watercress, baby gem lettuce, pickled ginger, chilli, pineapple, ruby grapefruit and cherry tomato. The ginger compliments the tempura batter used with the claws and the grapefruit really cuts through the richness of the lobster.
glass of bubbly
So thats our special to introduce us into our summer lobster festival menu, dont miss out!
Call us here and speak to any of our staff who will be happy to reserve your lobster dinner. 01-4005878
See you at Sixty6!

About Brasserie Sixty6

Brasserie Sixty6 is a stylish and busy restaurant right in the heart of Dublin's shopping and entertainment district. Open 7 days and nights a week for lunch, brunch and dinner. Join us on Sundays for our live jazz sessions until 3pm and dont forget about half price cocktails on Tuesdays. We have set up a blog to inform you all about menu updates, recipes, events and industry news.
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