Behind the scenes

Rotisserie chickens in the oven

What is Rotisserie cooking and why?

This style of cooking dates back to beyond medieval times when the spit had to manually turned by an operator continuously until the food was cooked fully. This was the preferred method of cooking…for a reason! Brasserie Sixty6 is one of the Very few restaurants in Dublin using such a large Rotisserie oven for most of our dishes!

Rotisserie can also refer to a mechanical device used for rotisserie cooking, or to a restaurant specializing in spit-roasted meat. The word comes from France where it first appeared in Paris shops around 1450. Additionally, in restaurants employing the Escoffierian brigade de cuisine, the rotisseur is the chef responsible for all spit-roasted, oven roasted, grilled and in some cases fried foods.

We originally only cooked our Chicken and Whole Suckling pig in this oven…but the more we experimented with the oven, the more dishes we found to bring out some unique flavours. So now the Rotisserie section on our menu contains Duck, Pork, Chicken and Beef. Each dish is marinated differently to enhance the natural flavours therein.

The rotisserie oven you see pictured above is the one we have here in the centre of our restaurant and can hold up 30 full chickens at a time or a 30kg whole suckling pig.

With enough notice, and a party size enough to feed…you can order a whole suckling pig at Sixty6. Its quite the party piece and is rolled out full and served directly at your table. Call Mary on 01-4005878 to book and check more details via

You can find out more info on rotisserie ovens here:


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